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inner dance

- allowance to self-illumination -

In inner dance we open a safe space of deep trust and allowance, where the dance of the three outer means: sound, touch and inquiry and the three inner means: awareness, trust and surrender can unfold. The process allows you to experience and witness your inner truth simultaneously, free of indulgence and repression, curious like a child. With your awareness you are invited to allow and surrender to what wants to be seen, revealed, released and embraced. The new gained compassion, truth and wisdom, sets you in a state of whole presence, where you can choose more clearly, freely and empowered.

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Buddha Statue

chi nei tsang

- deep soft abdominal treatment - 

Chi Nei Tsang is a deep yet soft abdominal treatment, that supports organs to perform in their best functioning and addresses the origin of health problems. Eastern medical philosophy teaches us that the abdomen is the center of our power and that psychosomatic responses and physical, emotional, mental, energetic conditioning more than often are the cause of its malfunctioning. Through this gentle massage we reconnect to our very center, establish communication with our inner sense and allow our inherent healing to unfold. Our body knows, and by deep listening to its guidance and supporting its best functioning we will not just know what adjustments we need to perform, but also have the strength and courage to follow our journey to a healthy and balanced existence on all levels.

The abdomen is the center within, home of our lower tantien. From here breath and movement occurs and our energy processing is taking place. The center of our metabolic processing addresses and influences all the body systems: digestion, respiration, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, blood, muscular, skeleton and also the fascial structure.

Next to enhancing the functioning of all these systems, Chi Nei Tsang touches the very structure of the organs and invites us to release what is stored within us. The organs themselves through their fascial structure store more than just physical toxins, emotional, mental, energetical and even spiritual patterns get hoarded for later processing. Through focusing and working on these subjects, we get the chance to look at, heal and release what doesn’t serve us anymore. Making space so that true health on all levels can be expressed and lived.

The benefits of Chi Nei Tsang range form: detoxification, balancing emotions, enhanced self-awareness, improvement of breath, support of metabolism, increase of the immune system, reduction of chronic pain, restructuration of body posture, release of physical, emotional and energetic stagnation, enhancing the lymphatic and circulatory systems and more.

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