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inner dance

- allowance to self-illumination -

In inner dance we open a safe space of deep trust and allowance, where the dance of the three outer means: sound, touch and inquiry and the three inner means: awareness, trust and surrender can unfold. The process allows you to experience and witness your inner truth simultaneously, free of indulgence and repression, curious like a child. With your awareness you are invited to allow and surrender to what wants to be seen, revealed, released and embraced. The new gained compassion, truth and wisdom, sets you in a state of whole presence, where you can choose more clearly, freely and empowered.

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bioelectric craniosacral therapy

- gentle alignment of body intelligence -

In craniosacral therapy we tune into the matrix of your body own structures through the dural membrane and it’s periphery, the living fascia. Fascia connects and supports all physical body parts. In addition, fascia operates like the physical interface between our various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetical) and has the quality to retain body memory through changing its density. So we can access these memories and release what no longer serves us. In this way you can start the process to let go of any trauma, chronical pain, believe system, etc. stored in your bodies, and set the path free to connect to your innate health.

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- allowance to self-illumination -

Innerdance opens the doorway to your own inner truth and if allowed we can step even beyond. In innerdance we open a safe space of deep trust and allowance. A space where the dance of the three outer means: sound, touch and inquiry and the three inner means: awareness, trust and surrender can unfold. It allows us to gain insights into our inner depth and like an innocent child, we curiously start to explore whatever arises. Awareness will shine light on what lays before or within us, and with it, trust and clarity will grow naturally. By allowing and surrender to what wants to be seen, revealed and experienced, we let go of what doesn’t serve us any longer, gain new insights and experience a true origin of our self. In an altered state of awareness, free of indulging and repressing, we start to witness and experience simultaneously and encounter invitations to new layers of truth. New gained compassion, trust and wisdom to yourself and all the energy set in motion, sets us in a state of presence, from where we can choose more clearly, freely and empowered, a state of enhanced wholeness.

Innerdance becomes an awakening process, to fields of awareness that are beyond of our current perception and awareness/consciousness. A simple and straightforward approach to perceive outside of our current circle of awareness, offering and inviting us to an understanding beyond the concept of reality and self at place. It offers us an experience of what yet could not be experienced, adding to the self the next timely piece, bridging all the binaries into oneness, while honoring the unique and individual journey of everyone.

We are invited to discover the multi-dimensionality and multi-layers of our human being in relation to its environment and to experience the inter-connectedness and reciprocity within ourselves, outside ourselves and between the two.

The innerdance process is full of smaller and bigger so called “ego deaths”, a destruction of the current structure and conceptualization of self, alive within each single one of us. Offering a re-emergence of a new concept, a resurrection of the self, formed out a pool of wider understanding and global mind, detached and free to apply and embody the new experienced wisdom, truth and compassion, yet able to access the old left behind. Inner dance is a space giving process, where linear time and story can collapse and the origin of the self can be experienced and transformed.

The benefits of inner dance range form: deep realization, trust and confidence, spontaneous healing and greater health, clarity and confidence, personal transformation, rise of awareness, activation and integration of our innate abilities, liberation of limiting believes, emotional harmony and freedom, trauma release, opening to any innate center (heart, throat, etc.), activation of wisdom and insights, decluttering past life and energetic influences, enhancement of intuition and psychic abilities, deep felt peace, acceptance and bliss and more.

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