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my journey

Along my journey, I got introduced to techniques such as craniosacral therapy, meditation, inner dance, bodywork, energy healing, sound healing, shamanic practices, medicine work, astrology, tarot and learned teachings of various traditions, religions and sciences. In my experience it doesn’t matter if we access our true self through the body, the mind, the heart or the spirit, as they all are linked together either way. What matters seems to me, that we allow our whole being to be flexibly harmonized across all levels and that we give ourselves permission to express it consciously.


"Our life, our reality is a reflection of what is experienced within. Considering that 80+% of our consciousness is hidden from our awareness, it might appear easy to change what we are actually conscious about. The real challenge lays in building the bridge between the seen and the hidden within and to actually be brave enough to follow through."


Reiki 1 - Winterthur, Switzerland, 1999

Swedish full body massage – Brig, Switzerland, 2006

Awakening the light body – Adolf Brown, Ubud, Bali, May 2016

Bioelectric Craniosacral Therapy – Adolf Brown, Ubud, Bali, June 2016

Mentorship Bioelectric Craniosacral Therapy – Adolf Brown, Ubud, Bali, Jul-Okt 2016

Reiki 2 & 3 – Emily Henderson, San Marcos, Guatemala, January 2017

Inner Guidance Facilitator Training – Amara Samata, Ubud, Bali, July 2017

Mentorship Bioelectric Craniosacral Therapy – Adolf Brown, Ubud, Bali, Aug-Okt 2017

Sound alchemy - Yoga of Sound, Emmaboda, Sweden, May 2018

Gong sound alchemy – with Kay Karl, Zürich, Switzerland, November 2018

Inner Dance intensive - Pi Villaraza, Koh Phangan, Thailand, Mai 2019

Chi Nei Tsang – Valerie Paris, Koh Phangan, Thailand, July 2019


what people say..

Wow. Ricci is an incredibly compassionate human and gifted healer - and I've been to many over the years. He was so present and supportive throughout the entire process. Throughout the entire session, I felt so fully supported, guided, and held. His intuitive touch and healing was spot on. I've actually never experienced such precision, relaxed confidence, and care before in an energy session. Coming out of the session, I felt incredible, waking up like a new person seeing the world for the first time, buzzing, light, happy, and cleansed of what no longer served me. To this day, I feel the deepest gratitude towards Ricci.

— Anja, Canada


contact & booking

Riccardo Del Pedro Pera

@ Yoga Tribe
Schulhausstrasse 18, 3900 Brig, Switzerland
+41 79 501 24 26

treatments can be booked at any time by arrangement.

for international request please use email form or contact me via whats app.

Thank you for reaching out. <3

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