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bridging worlds

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- allowance to self-illumination - 

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- energetic alignment of body intelligence - 

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- deep soft abdominal treatment - 



Thanks to my mother I got into touch with alternative and holistic healing very early in my life.
I was always fascinated by any kind of healing, curious about the correlation between energies and the physical realm, intrigued by the creation of reality and altered states of consciousness.

This quest served me well with some profound realizations, taught me some beautiful skills and most of all, it reshaped my entire being.


With this page I would love to offer some of my journey with those who feel the same: That there is more to life than what have been taught. That true healing comes from within and is expressed through wholeness. And that wholeness is the only way that allows us to bring peace to the paradox of life itself.

I hope you enjoy this page and you can gain some use of it.

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what people say..

Wow. Ricci is an incredibly compassionate human and gifted healer - and I've been to many over the years. He was so present and supportive throughout the entire process. Throughout the entire session, I felt so fully supported, guided, and held. His intuitive touch and healing was spot on. I've actually never experienced such precision, relaxed confidence, and care before in an energy session. Coming out of the session, I felt incredible, waking up like a new person seeing the world for the first time, buzzing, light, happy, and cleansed of what no longer served me. To this day, I feel the deepest gratitude towards Ricci.

— Anja, Canada

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