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inner dance

- allowance to self-illumination -

In inner dance we open a safe space of deep trust and allowance, where the dance of the three outer means: sound, touch and inquiry and the three inner means: awareness, trust and surrender can unfold. The process allows you to experience and witness your inner truth simultaneously, free of indulgence and repression, curious like a child. With your awareness you are invited to allow and surrender to what wants to be seen, revealed, released and embraced. The new gained compassion, truth and wisdom, sets you in a state of whole presence, where you can choose more clearly, freely and empowered.

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bioelectric craniosacral therapy

- gentle alignment of body intelligence -

In craniosacral therapy we tune into the matrix of your body own structures through the dural membrane and it’s periphery, the living fascia. Fascia connects and supports all physical body parts. In addition, fascia operates like the physical interface between our various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetical) and has the quality to retain body memory through changing its density. So we can access these memories and release what no longer serves us. In this way you can start the process to let go of any trauma, chronical pain, believe system, etc. stored in your bodies, and set the path free to connect to your innate health.

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- true healing comes from within -

Health signifies in its origin wholeness or soundness, and so to me, the verb “to heal” connotes “to make whole” or “to keep intactness”. In that sense, we can look at healing, other than maybe commonly understood, as an allowance of an inherent health and wholeness to be restored and expressed, or as a allowance of that inherent health to be intact. In addition, different origins of “to heal” (medeor) are pointing us toward parts of its meaning: to think, to reflect, to give consideration, to give attention, to meditate. By considering the origin of the meaning, an integral part of “to heal” is an act around thought, meditation and contemplation in general. Three tools that help us to rise the conscious awareness of our being within as well as in interaction with its surrounding.

Healing becomes an act of bringing into our awareness, the root of what is restricting our inherent wholeness to be expressed and the letting go of it, maybe more than an active manipulation and change of a ill condition into something less disruptive. The letting go as the part where we accept an condition by making peace with it, bringing its source and impact into our awareness, to take the responsibility of our conscious or unconscious creation of that interference and use our free choice to apply our response-ability to stop creating that interference consciously.

A mastery of oneself, a mastery in stepping consciously out of the way as the “I” and to live in alignment with one’s own inherent health and true purpose. All the letting go and realizations around one’s own created limitations, can be painful and disturbing at first, yet in the end, after the storm settles, a tremendous relieve, new gained freedom and confidence and a clear empowerment to move forward rewards the courageous journey.

In all the offered sessions below, we access your being through different modalities with the intention to bring into awareness, what is stored in either the physical, emotional, mental and energetical body, that might compromise the effortless expression of your inherent health. We will honor your own paste and work with invitations and somewhere in between comfort and the edge of discomfort we will find your doorway to the release, the claiming, the insight of whatever is ready to be released, received or revealed. Everything is welcomed in a safe and confidential space, so you can find your own way of healing, claiming and letting go. Nothing will be too much or too little, as you find your unique way to express  your unique true self.

The healing session becomes an enjoyable act of receiving and relaxation and yet, on the other side, an active act of taking on the response-ability to claim  your birthright: to be free and able to express your true liberated self. The reclaimed freedom will empower you to change your life by your own liberated choices. Step by step you walk with confidence towards more alignment to the true nature, health and purpose of yourself. Rooted and open to your inherent strength, you walk your path towards the wholeness living within yourself and us all. May we all shine our purest lights together in love and harmony.

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